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Modular Kitchen

Every women’s dream is to keep the kitchen attractive and clean. With all latest technological support, we can design trendy modular kitchen which will impress everyone to stay in your home. We have various layouts of modular kitchens such as U shaped MK, Parallel or galley MK, L shaped MK, Island MK, Straight MK, G-shaped or peninsula MK etc.

Our service results with all extraordinary qualities according to the space and specifications.

Types of materials used in Modular Kitchen.

  • Laminated Plywood(Post form / Edge band)
  • MDF / HDF(membrane)
  • Rubberwood
  • Aluminum Profile
  • Glass
  • Acrylic
  • PU

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Residential Design

Our interior designers take pride in creating luxurious and innovative homes that have a very intimate connection to our clients and their families.  We understand each project we begin has specific needs, budgets, and a level of quality with the work involved.  Each home starts with a personalized concept that directly correlates to these needs of our clients and their individual style.  We rely on our professional knowledge and advanced experience in the design field to walk our clients through the process of interior remodeling, new construction, and interior finishing with exceptional customer service.

Hospitality Design

Interior design in hospitality centers primarily on service industries including hotels, restaurants, cafés, bars, fitness clubs, lounges, spas, and country clubs, among others. The scope of our hospitality designer work is make the strike the balance between, high-end luxury and top-notch functionality to create spaces that both business owners and customers will love.
Also our V R Interiors designers will consider the budgets, and space planning can be quite complex, so interior designers who work towards fusing luxury with functionality in hospitality take on quite a bit of responsibilities and must be very thoughtful with their design choices which makes.


Vinyl Flooring

Although synthetic by origin, vinyl flooring achieves the rich, deep, and elegant look of wooden floors. This floor type also comes in different colors and patterns since vinyl manufacturing processes have been upgraded throughout the decades.  Vinyl floors are durable and will ably resist impacts and scratches against their surfaces. Vinyl floors are cost effective and are the easiest ones to invest on at the outset.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is the classic option and it comes in oak, maple, and bamboo. With proper care and maintenance, wood floors can last a long time. Cleaning wooden floors only require sweeping and the application of polishing shine solution while scrubbing from time to time.

Wallpapers & Painting


Have you wondered how beautiful your painting or your family photographs would look on a designed wall? Well! Time to think.

Wall decor is the trending chic in modern interior décor. It’s a way of making your space look more interesting. Not only can you recreate your old space using wallpapers, but also hide the bad wall color! It’s no longer those sheets of paper we used to cover our walls with. The market today is full of options, you can choose from a fabric wallpaper to a grass cloth wallpaper to the popular vinyl ones or the patterned and textured ones. From contemporary to modern designs, there are plenty of options in the market, you can also get your favourite painting customized as your wallpaper. The choice of design and patterns can portray your personality from an intellect to a fun-loving person. Yet one has to put a deep thought before designing their walls as it might overwhelm your space and dictate the rest of the pieces. Check out our interior design experts wrote about personality based interior designs.

V for U interiors in Chennai  hold a team of designers specializing in wall decor who can guide you with the best design or pattern, of course, according to your taste and needs. We also have a vast collection of wallpaper designs for you and skilled artists to install them on your walls.


Painting your walls can completely change the look of your space. The color of your wall painting affects your mood.  It is a well-known fact with science backing it. Also the colors you pick for your wall tell a lot about your personality. Paints with hues of red and purple add romance while blue blows positivity in the atmosphere, yellow and shades of orange relax our senses. Picking the right paint with the right color is an art that even you can master with a little research. Pick bright colored paints for your kitchen and dining area, it energizes the place and increases your appetite.

Experts suggest colors and shades based on the area of a space. For smaller spaces, pick light colors, it gives an illusion of a bigger space. Paintings with dark colors go well for larger spaces but darker colors can make your space look dull. So an experienced designer can suggest how to use dark shades to make your space look marvellous. Colours go hand in hand with lighting. Picking a dark shade will make your room look dark and a lighter color makes it look brighter.

Determining the color of your wall painting

Colours can also affect the temperature of your place like we all know dark colors absorb more light. North facing houses or houses in colder areas use Brighter (warmer) paint colors. Warmer places use lighter (cooler) paint colors to avoid heating up during the summer. A great paint job requires expertise with both selecting the perfect texture & the perfect color based on your personality or your needs.

Our experts understand these needs and personally assist you with your interior or exterior painting needs. They also suggest if a pattern or a texture goes well with space and with the help of our skilled craftsmen the vision is realized. Check out best interior painting tips given by our interior design experts.

Study Units & Pooja

Pooja Unit:

Pooja unit is a place, which should be clean and calm. One performs pious rituals ‘in that room with a very healthy mind. v for u interiors in Chennai manufacture decorative, compact pooja units better known as Pooja Mandaps. We design and make wooden pooja mandaps using various high quality woods like teak wood, rose wood, rubber wood, etc. We also offer customized pooja units in accordance to client’s specifications.

Study Unit:

With the changing urban lifestyles and exposure to the importance of proper interior designing, people have started to give priority to having and maintaining good study units. It is no longer a table and a chair put in an empty corner of your home. To engage in things such as studying, writing, painting, reading etc., you need good levels of concentration and ambience and comfort plays a big role here. A study unit should be elegant, spacious enough, sturdy, and should be set in a well ventilated area with ample light.

V for U Interiors provides you with an abundant selection of study units which can be customized and delivered according to your needs and wants. We want you to feel comfortable enough with your study unit and go about your plans well. Your study unit should complement the overall interior design of your home and we will help you find the best ones for you!

False Ceiling & Lighting

False Ceiling:

What is better and more relaxing than a stunning false ceiling? You can’t take your eyes off its magnificence. Somewhere a part of your desires to own such a masterpiece. Before you start your décor project, you must be very careful about deciding on a few elements of your space such as your floor, ceiling and your walls. Anything wrong and mis-coordinated will spoil the final look of your ceiling.

Ceilings are one of the most noticeable elements of a space. Getting a plain ceiling is a trend of the past. Enthusiasts like to pair a restructured ceiling with their ornate rooms. Giving a makeover to your ceilings enhances the beauty of your space. It gives a glamorous look to your space plus provides you with an option to install a variety of pendent lamps and ceiling lights.

Designing your False Ceiling:

The design of your false ceiling varies from room to room. Most of the time, ceilings on a living room, family room and bedroom are more intricate than those in a bathroom. They also provide thermal insulation. False Ceiling designs ideas also vary based on the height of your ceiling. You cannot add any more drop ceilings if your ceiling is already low. Instead, you can paint it with lighter colors. You can also add some texture to it but not the ones that are too busy. For high ceilings, you can design intricate or ornate ceilings with chandeliers.

Ceramic, wood, patterned and a lot more options are available for your exploration, you just need to be creative and demanding to get the best work from your designer.

For more advice on a ceiling, call our interior design experts and browse through the alternatives. V for u interiors in Chennai bring you the best of designers and workers from across the country to renovate and recreate your old or new property.

Lighting is one of the most noticeable and value-adding dimensions of your property. The lighting in your space determines the overall feel to the ambiance while providing a look of distinguished elegance. There is a wide range of lighting options available depending on your needs. If you are a fan of natural light and have the provision, you might need to add small lights that compliment & amplify the natural light. You might need more ambient light in your space depending on the availability of natural sources of light Or you might want to have dimmers in your dining space if you want to make it more intimate and romantic. Some might want ceiling lamps or pendant lights to spice up their decor. And some spaces might require highlighting of the antique pieces they have conceived.

Lighting Options:

Nowadays, there are various options for your lighting needs. From the most sophisticated pin lights to the power saving LED lights, options are myriad. A well-positioned table lamp or a low hung ceiling light can add a dash of elegance to your interiors. For the dining room, we suggest having it well-lit to while the living room can have the arrangement to allow more natural light during the day & create subtle lighting during the night facing to the back of the TV.

We believe that every space is unique and has its own importance. A proper analysis is recommended before you start putting up the lights. Lighting directly affects the health and mood of a person and it is a well-known fact. We suggest that it is on your list of priorities while you are designing a space. Our experts will personally visit your place and suggest various options suiting your needs. We endeavour to provide you with the best service and tailor your imagination into reality.

Check how to Paint your interior & choose the right.

Wardrobes and loft

V for U Interiors range of wardrobes is the perfect addition to your rental property. They provide good storage for the bedroom and are available in a number of styles so you can match them to existing furniture. They’re also featured in our bedroom furniture sets so you can have additional wardrobes if required.

Like the rest of our bedroom furniture, you can be sure to find something to create the perfect space for relaxation and rest. Our high gloss black and/or white wardrobes are great for creating a sleek and modern room, perfect for a city apartment. Our natural wood finishes fit into many styles of decorating as they remain neutral and timeless.

It can sometimes be tricky to create the perfect space without seeing the furniture, so come to see our wardrobes in person in our Manchester Showroom and speak to our experts. Alternatively, order online and we’ll deliver, build and install your wardrobe in your rental property within 24 hours. We can even remove your old stuff as well… To make things as easy as possible when you order one of our wardrobes, we can liaise with tenants, property managers or agents to arrange access to your property so you won’t even have to lift a finger. Don’t forget to look at our bedroom furniture sets to see if you can combine delivery and installation.